Sunday 3 December 2023

waikkal, Sri Lanka

 Flights: Emirates via Dubai

Hotel, Club Dolphin, Waikkal, all inclusive

We were given a beautiful bungalow within 50 paces of the main restaurant, bar and pool.

We were quickly moved to an identical bungalow 2 doors down after a wasps nest was found in the room.

We last visited the country in 1993.  When chatting to locals we learned that tourism is not yet recovered from the impact of covid.  We  were told the government covid vaccination program for the general public is not continuing.  The economy is fragile.

Outside the hotel the villagers were friendly, there is a bun man who sells bread from his tuktuk, video below.

We stayed all inclusive and ate mainly curry for all meals although there were European choices  too, this is  aubergine brinjal, corn and carrot rice, poppadoms

Below  lentil dahl, vegetable rice, poppadoms

Below, breakfast egg hopper

Our bed was given daily towel animals or flowers and  special birthday one for hubby! and the flower displays around the hotel changed daily too.

Lassi and salad lunch

The hotel hosted a classic car club annual event so we got to see some beautiful cars, my favourites were the morris minors, in the 70s they were top sellers in Sri Lanka, some Russian holidaymakers I befriended admired the fabulous green vw campervan in broken English (and also fed and shared their sun bed with one of many stray dogs). 

Aubergine curry, steamed veg, spicy rice

The hotel grounds were beautiful with tropical flowers and coconut trees right to the beach,  the sea had strong currents with no swimming/red flag which is not unusual at this time of year. 2 holidaymakers who ignored the red flag had to be pulled in on ropes as the current took them too far out.

There were giant bees with cartoon eyes 

We had some rain but plenty of sunbathing, and spectacular sunsets.

My kaftan was a last minute sale purchase from Monsoon UK.  Orange is my favourite colour.


Below are pics around and about Ngombo, which had a large fish market.

We visited the Ngombo fish market, by tuk tuk and then train.  We returned on the river in a small boat.


Evenings in the hotel are relaxing and quiet... 

Above : My shawl was bought on a previous trip to Darjeeling night market, wrap skirt is from Naked Generation  and top from Anokhi Delhi 2019.

There were stray dogs around the grounds. one slept on our doorstep every night and followed me everywhere  sleeping under my sunbed during  the day, i fed him but there are plenty more and they need vaccines and care.  We suggested the hotel have a donations box do tourists can contribute for their care.

Christmas decorations went up in the hotel on 1st December

It was a lovely holiday for total relaxation but now it's back to reality!


  1. All looks so amazing. I'd like to drink a lassi one day (well technically, I am one already!).Fab pics. You always make the most of your hols. xxx

  2. Lovelys photographs of your fantástic travel to Sri Lanka. It is a very wonderful country for to visit. And a very beautiful your photograph wearing the orange long dress. Greetings from Mallorca.

  3. You do have the most interesting holidays, Betty. Those bees look a bit scary.

  4. Wow delightful holidays in Sri Lanka!
    I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. You look lovely in every top dear Betty ❤
    Glorious sky shots ❤
    Healthy meals too.
    Glad you had beautiful time there:)

  5. Looks like you had a nice time there and a relaxing one. The bees are very scary 😆

  6. This looks and sounds fabulous!
    Our flights to Sri Lanka got cancelled in 1998 after the Temple of the Tooth terrorist attack, we nearly went in 2019 but were struggling to find any budget accommodation so stuck with India. One day we will get there and i'll finally taste a hopper!
    The beach looks fantastic. The monsoon does that final whip round in November, doesn't it? It's caught us out in Tamil Nadu before now. Fancy those tourists having to be rescued.
    I love the look of the vintage cars, the sweet pii dog, the pretty local ladies and that wonderfully vibrant fish market. That bee is very freaky!
    Your Naked Generation skirt is gorgeous and I've been stalking that Monsoon kaftan for ages, I love it so much!
    Have you booked anything else yet? xxx

    1. Hi Vix there's a story to how I got that Kaftan free, I will have to tell you about it :)