Sunday, 19 January 2020


On the way home from India, we stopped in Dubai for two nights, staying at the Sheraton on The Creek.   we had a good view of boats on the river and the City beyond.

Buying perfume oil in the Mall, on the recommendation of local ladies who were keen to give suggestion. I chose something floral.

In the shopping Mall, there is an aquarium, you can see lots from the outside, we didn't have time to go inside - we should have planned better!  Wearing my comfy Anokhi loose trousers purchased in Delhi.

 Water feature in the Mall, this has synchronised water jet display at certain times of the day, the water makes lovely fountain patterns in time with opera music, it's beautiful and attracts a huge crowd.

 Birds, display in the Dubai Mall shopping centre.

Lunch (vegetarian curry with bread and rice) at the Dubai Mall shopping Centre fast food floor.

There are lots of displays around The Mall like this lovely camel,it's really luxuriously designed.

We went to the gold souk at night, it's a large area of streets and alleys fully of gold jewellery shops like this one. If you go on to browse some of them will offer mint tea.  There is no pressure to buy, and it's the best place to buy as the gold is sold by weight, there is room for a little discount if you bargain.

We used the Dubai metro to get around, it's very modern, efficient and easy to use.

We ate at a café close to our hotel in the evening, this was falafel in a bread roll with salad.

This was a nice break on the long journey home, the hotel had a small pool with sun deck so we spent time either exploring the shopping or resting around the pool until it was time to go home.


  1. I loved Dubai, but we didnt see as much as you. The Mall looks amazing.I do like your outfit.

    1. Thanks, outfit was bought in India. The Mall is so huge and luxurious, I am not into designer shopping, but for those who are it's the biggest and best I have ever seen. I liked the water display, it went on at 1pm and we watched from an outdoor balcony which was packed with people.

  2. Lots of interesting things to see and do in Dubai!!I love your loose trousers. Love that the falafel came with chips!!!xx

    1. It is interesting, you don't have to do shopping although you would want to! I would like to have taken the public boat across The Creek but there just wasn't time :)

  3. Hi Betty :) I think my favourite thing to look at in this post is the camel! And your trousers, they look so comfy!!